Sintered Fiber Felt
Metal Fiber Mat

Metal Fiber Mat

Metal Fiber Mat Technical Data

Raw Material

SS 316L

Filter Rating

1~300 Microns

Working Temperature

≤ 816 ℃


≤ 1200 mm


≤ 1000 mm

Regular Size

500 mm*500 mm,500 mm*1000 mm,1000 mm*1000 mm


0.2~10 mm


Metal Fiber Mat Features

1. It is a good filter media for depth filtration because of three dimensional fiber structures

2. It is made from different diameters stainless steel fibers

3. It is sintered in a high temperature vacuum furnace

4. Its filter efficiency is high because of differential fiber layers density gradients

5. High dirt holding capacity

6. Easy to be fabricated, pleated and welded

7. Corrosion resistance