Sintered Powder Filter Tube
SS Powder Filter Tube

SS Powder Filter Tube

SS Powder Filter Tube Technical Data

Raw Material

SS 316L,Titanium

Filter Rating

0.22~100 Microns

Working Temperature

≤ 816 ℃

Outside Diameter

10~100 mm


254 mm, 508 mm, 762 mm, 1016 mm or others


SS Powder Filter Tube Features

1. Depth filtration

2. High mechanical strength

3. Good integrity and rigidity

4. Good permeability

5. Heat resistance

6. Corrosion resistance



1. Catalyst filtration and purification

2. High temperature gas filtration in petroleum industry and chemical industry

3. High temperature flue gas filtration and purification in metallurgical industry

4. Off-gas filtration and purification in fluidized bed

5. Off-gas and dust filtration and purification in nuclear power plants